About the Author

With over 30 years as a Speech/Language Pathologist and her broad experience with a variety of therapeutic settings, Lucy brings a wide diversity of patient care knowledge to her clients. For the past 16 years, she has chosen to specialize in the area of processing disorders and the remediation of learning impairments. At the heart of all her work is her unrelenting passion to see her clients succeed in their communicative and learning skills.

Lucy standingLucy writes Out of the Box – For Students to share the knowledge she has gained in the field of learning remediation with children worldwide, so that others can come to reach their full learning and communicative potential in life. She is a founding partner of The Therapy Group Learning Centers, a team of professionals dedicated to bettering the lives of struggling children through their consultation services and the delivery of therapeutic intervention in the homes of determined families. Her team has developed Power Learning Plus Learning Systems, a collection of over 20 years of therapeutic knowledge – designed to help parents help their struggling child by “getting to the root” of their child’s learning difficulties and presenting the steps necessary to achieve academic accomplishment.


  • Obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Georgia.
  • Is accredited by the American Speech & Hearing Association with the Certificate of Clinical Competency in Speech/Language Pathology, CCC-SLP.
  • Is an active member of the American Speech & Hearing Association and the Georgia Speech & Hearing Association.
  • Has been interviewed by newspaper journalists regarding her principles of learning remediation and approaches with featured newspaper  publications including:
  • Was featured on a television special involving the topic of Auditory Processing Disorders and aired on The First Coast News in Jacksonville FL.
  • Had her research on pediatric brain networking therapies featured in Advance Magazine.
  • Wrote and published numerous articles concerning the unleashing principles of learning, brain conditioning for learning, and a variety of neurological disorders that negatively impact the performance of students.
  • Has had the opportunity to lecture to college classrooms, to have her research findings internationally reported, and to conduct web-based teleconference teachings on brain integration therapy.