“Her teachers said my daughter would never read, but I knew if I could find the right person she could learn. Mrs. Barlow was that person and now my daughter is reading on grade level.” -Julie M.


“We were looking at moving our son into special ed classes. We were out of ideas and he was as frustrated as we were. Then we tried Out-Of-The-Box. Now he makes A-B honor roll.” -Norman R. 


We all want our children to have a successful academic foundation. Many times your child has more potential than his or her grades represent. Do you wonder why your child struggles with learning tasks, while other children seem to breeze through them without any problems? There are ways for you to make an active change in your child’s future.

Knowing that some children learn differently and require specific strategies to succeed has lead Lucy to develop proven techniques that work for each learning style.


Parents, you know your child best! with Lucy’s techniques and the principals taught in this book you will be the one to bring about the lasting change in the life of your struggling child.